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Introduction to the blog

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Welcome to my brand new blog.

In response to the emergence of a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in early 2020, the Government – aided and abetted by their groupthink scientists and a partisan mainstream media – have grossly mismanaged the pandemic. Through a series of disastrous policy blunders (inflating fear levels, failing to protect care-home residents, a draconian nationwide lockdown, mandatory masks) our elected representatives are responsible for tens of thousands of ‘collateral’ deaths, their interventions killing many more people than the virus per se. Furthermore, the Government’s coronavirus legislation, implemented without any parliamentary scrutiny, has ensnared us all in a totalitarian nightmare in which we have lost a range of basic freedoms. This blog aims to encourage a more rational approach to this and any future respiratory virus pandemics.

Coronababble will provide an information resource that I hope will be useful for sceptics who wish to question and challenge the dominant, Government-led narrative around coronavirus. The content of Coronababble will include:

a) Referenced articles providing in-depth analysis of the way governments have responded to the coronavirus crisis;

b) Lists of key, concise points to counter the destructive elements of Government policy (e.g. regarding lockdowns, masking and fear elevation) and bust common myths.

c) Parodies of the kind of thinking that perpetuates the self-destructive policies and the current authoritarian approach to public health.

I hope my Coronababble blog will encourage readers to resist and repel the public health rhetoric about coronavirus, and thereby help reverse the biggest threat to our freedoms and way of life since the 2nd World War.

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