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We must never forget the Covid madness - a personal story by Jill Evans

As each week passes, more and more people are realising that - since the advent of the Covid era - they have been abused and lied to by their own government. Consequently, I believe we are inching closer to the time when a critical mass of the population openly express dissent to, and rejection of, the top-down totalitarian control the powers-that-be are striving to impose upon us under the banner of 'pandemic management' or 'zero carbon' . A powerful way of encouraging more people to resist the anti-democratic globalist mission is through the sharing of personal stories that vividly describe the impact of the Covid restrictions upon ordinary lives. Here is one such story written by Jill Evans.

Dr Gary Sidley

I keep hearing broadcasters say ‘because of Covid’ or ‘because of the pandemic’. They may be talking about the mental health problems of young people, the thousands of children now absent from school, the cost-of-living crisis, the state of the public finances, the state of the NHS…you name it. What they really mean is, ‘Because of all the measures taken in response to Covid’. When they say ‘because of Covid’ it makes it sound as if everything that happened was inevitable, unstoppable, necessary.

I know that my mind was messed with. I know I am not the person I was in 2019. I used to wake up and feel glad to be alive and hopeful for the future. I was an optimist with a mostly happy life, even though I could see the world was in a very troubled state. I haven’t lived through a war or been to prison. The Covid years were the most oppressive and shocking of anything I have experienced in my 67 years. I still get flashbacks to the way the world was in 2020/2. There are places that I no longer want to go, particularly shops that had signs outside that said “No mask, no entry”. I think in some ways what I suffered was trauma and the healing takes time.

The changes in some of my friends are probably the hardest to understand. I remember things that friends said to me. One friend repeatedly told me the same story about an argument she had with a woman who stood too close to her at the supermarket checkout. She complained bitterly about the young people in the park drinking and breaking the rules together. She could see no problem with children being made to wear masks for hours on end in school and wasn’t troubled by the discrimination visited on the unvaccinated. Another friend told me she was avoiding the company of people who had grandchildren as children were the ones spreading it! She also said, ‘of course you just don’t know who hasn’t been vaccinated’. When we met up for strange outdoor lunches she was obsessed with the rules and would point out whenever our server did something ‘wrong’. And then there was the friend who talked passionately about how she didn’t feel safe because test-and- trace was not working well enough. She wanted a zero Covid, New Zealand style life here. For a time she required a negative test to enter her home. I tried to discuss masks with various friends. No one wanted to consider the evidence.

The most painful thing for me has been the barriers experienced when trying to talk to friends in a meaningful way about what we lived through. All our minds were messed with in the name of the war on Covid, whether you conformed or rebelled, accepted or rejected the official narrative. How do we initiate conversations where everything is open and up for discussion after so much propaganda? How do we talk and listen across the deep divisions in our families and friendships? How do we heal our minds and our relationships?

I think we need first to be able to see clearly what happened and identify the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that went with those experiences. There are so many different ways to mess with minds. I probably can’t even identify all of them and the ones I am not aware of may be the most insidious. Behavioural psychologists, in the pay of government, used every technique in the book (and maybe some new ones) to control us, manipulate us and make us afraid. This happened around the world to greater and lesser degrees.

There was the mainstream media’s ‘news’ delivery which brought to us only the messages about Covid that our government and their SAGE advisors decided we should hear. There was no discussion, no variety of views, not even any difficult questions from journalists at those news briefings on TV.

There was the daily reporting of the numbers of deaths attributed to Covid not placed in any context, not separated into ‘from’ and ‘with’. We were not told the average age of those who died (around 82.5 years) or how many of them had serious underlying health problems already. We were not told how many people died from other causes – ‘normal’ deaths in far greater numbers than the Covid death toll. We were told that we were ‘all in it together’, all at similar risk, when the reality was that healthy children and young people were at almost zero risk and the greatest risk was to very old people with other serious health problems. Most of us faced no greater risk than a bad flu year or less. We were lied to!

There were the advertising campaigns deliberately designed to make us afraid with frightening images and slogans to make us comply with the rules. Remember ‘can you look him in the eyes?’ and ‘don’t kill your granny’. Children were made afraid of killing their granny. Grandparents were made afraid of their grandchildren. There were the images and words produced by local authorities at the behest of government designed to re-enforce the official message - remember the ‘Act like you have it’ mantra?’ I puzzled over how I could return to using the library while I acted like I had it.

There were the face covering mandates, an about turn by the so-called experts - without any strong basis in evidence - simply designed to reinforce the atmosphere of fear and compliance. Be a good person - wear a mask. Images of people in masks were suddenly wherever you looked.

There was the signage and one- way systems everywhere you went in your community, continuously prompting you to socially distance and wear a mask. There was the horrible hand sanitiser, often officiously delivered, and all those plastic screens. We all developed a kind of OCD when out shopping or just walking along the street. Neighbours and strangers were to be feared.

There was heavy censorship of alternative views in both mainstream and social media. Anything but the official narrative was deemed misinformation and conspiracy theory from mad and dangerous people, however well qualified they were.

There was the NHS App for your smart phone to make you scan wherever you went. Big Brother was watching you.

Then came the campaigns to convince us to accept novel vaccines produced at break-neck speed with promises that they were ‘safe and effective’. Those who questioned and those who declined were pilloried, abused, discriminated against and in some cases sacked. Alongside the vaccination campaign came the campaign to get us all compulsively testing ourselves whether we were ill or not.

There were all kinds of crazy rules which kept changing from week to week. Remember that the virus didn’t spread while you were sitting down in the pub, but to go to the toilet you had to cover your face. Park benches and playgrounds were taped off. People were arrested while walking outside drinking coffee. To meet one person outside was legal but not in your garden. Six could meet in the pub but not in your home…. to mention just a few. Being made to do crazy things makes you crazy.

Humans are fundamentally social beings and for two years we were deprived of so much of what is needed to live a full human life. We were isolated, separated, divided and made afraid. Children and young people suffered the loss of education and social life with the aim of postponing the deaths of the already very old. We were made to live in a dystopian world where control of the SARS-Co -2 virus became the overwhelming priority regardless of the collateral damage of those policies. And if the policies didn’t work, well just do more of them.

If you believed the official narrative your mind was deeply messed with, but perhaps you could live peacefully in the belief that you were a good person doing the right thing. You must have had to work hard to maintain those beliefs especially if anyone significant in your life was suggesting alternatives. You had to block out any heretical views and behaviours. You had to refuse to consider or discuss. Perhaps you had to end some relationships that were too disturbing. You had to believe it was all working and worth it. You had to believe this was the only way or the best way. That must have been particularly hard if you had children or young people in your life or someone you cared for was imprisoned in a care home or had to die alone. Looking back now, do you still believe all of this was necessary, justified, supported by evidence? Was it the best way? Do you have questions? Do you begin to see how your mind was messed with?

If you were sceptical, rebellious or rejecting of any or all of the official narrative your mind was still messed with. You had to live in a world where all around you friends and family members were speaking the governments words. You had to walk around in a world full of people in masks and full of the fear emanating from those people in masks. You had to distance yourself from so many of the sources of information you used to trust and search for new ones. You had to cope with deep disappointment and anger with the leaders, organisations and publications that you previously supported. You had to wonder each morning waking up if it was you or the rest of the world that was mad. If you were lucky, you had some other sceptics and rebels in your life to cling to, talk with, break the rules with, have illegal hugs with.

Now it seems we are meant to forget what happened and forget how a generation of children and young people were ignored, mistreated and abused. We are supposed to forget about the people who lost their jobs and businesses. We are supposed not to notice the people who are still afraid to socialise and all the things that happen now on Zoom instead of in real life. We are not supposed to notice how ineffective the vaccines are… most of us had Covid by now whether vaccinated or not? And we are definitely not supposed to know about the serious damage (including deaths) caused to so many by the vaccines. The censorship is continuing.

Now is the time to talk, because if we don’t we will surely be subjected to more of the same in the name of public health or some other threat as yet unidentified. Now is the time to talk to heal our troubled relationships. Now is the time to open both our minds and our hearts and hopefully decide to live fully until we die.

Image courtesy of Stefano Pollio


Thank you Jill. You have articulated the bewilderment and hurt that many of us suffered due to the the frankly insane Covid policies. In Australia, life has returned to some semblance of 'normal' - yet those of us who were ostracised, ridiculed, marginalised and censored continue to carry the trauma. One of the many inhumanities perpetuated by our government policy was that the vulnerable and elderly was condemned to die alone. Unvaccinated were not welcome in hospitals or at the bedside of the sick or dying. My greatest fear was that one of my children would be injured and I would be denied access to them. Just as horrifying as the Government policies, was the fact that a large perce…


The Cochrane review and the revelations in the Lockdown Files have caused a seismic change in the public's opinion of the government's handling of the pandemic - if pandemic there was - and of the kind of thinking behind the rules and guidance imposed on us all. Strangely, there are still mask-wearers about despite everything, although perhaps word of their uselessness has not yet spread; the reluctance to discard them seems more a symptom of PTSD than anything else, and an iatrogenic disorder at that.

I've no idea if my medical practice insists on these rags - I cannot imagine a situation where I would ever trust my health to them again to find out.

Jill Evans' article strikes a…


Problem is not only things returning, 2020’s ongoing and progressive results are horrendous.

Shops’ plastic screens still there making reaching purchases to pack after through till difficult.

They create stale air pockets and slow our passage through them. Most no longer notice them let alone risk they pose including in event of fire. Burning plastic is very dangerous and fire exit doors are beyond tills.

Metal barriers still there too, now locked.

The fearful ran away and hid but have emerged fearful of people; consequently more aggressive and abusive. It’s defence in guise of attack (fight) response to their own ongoing fear but puts innocent including children at higher risk everywhere.

They’re now buying domestic CCTV to watch their neighbours.…


Nick Dart
Nick Dart
Mar 02, 2023

I agree with Tony Hearn. Brilliant, utterly brilliant. Thank you for writing such an eloquent and factual piece. And I agree - now is the time to come together, talk and become human again.


Tony Hearn
Tony Hearn
Mar 02, 2023

Absolutely superb! I was almost unnerved by how closely this mirrored my own thoughts and experiences. In fact I could have written it myself, were it not for the fact that in attempting to do so, I would have struggled to maintain the equilibrium and measure with which you expressed yourself. Thank you so much for writing this. EVERYBODY should read it!

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